What is a Trademark?
A trademark may be a word, symbol, logo, slogan, or any combination thereof that is used to identify and distinguish one person’s goods or services from the goods or services of another, and serves as an indicator of source of the goods or services.

Use of "TM", "SM" and  notation with Trademark:
The "TM" or “SM” notation is merely a means of informing third parties that the person claims trademark rights to the word, slogan, or phrase associated with "TM" or "SM" notation. The same can be used once the application is made for registration of a Trademark. After the grant the symbol  is used.

Types of Trademark:
Basically there are three types of Trademarks namely
1. Trademark and Service mark
2. Collective mark
3. Certificate Trademark

Term of Trademark:
The term for Trademark is for ten years but the mark can be perpetually be on the Register by renewing it every after ten years. The same can be assigned and licensed.